About us

I am a small town girl who has always had a creative side. Designing hand crafted jewelry as a career is something I never envisioned for myself but sometimes the things you least expect are the best things in life.

 I married my favorite cowboy not long after high school and we have built a quiet little life raising three little cowhands. I started hand stamping jewelry after searching for a personalized cowboys and angels piece and since the piece was personal I eventually decided to craft it myself. Little did I know, that little piece of jewelry would change my life. I was inspired to craft more pieces to commemorate the personal moments in the lives of others. 

My family stays busy on a farm of cattle and horses and being involved with our community and church. For the past two years I have had the opportunity to stay at home with my kids and personalize jewelry for people all over the world. This life is a dream come true and I'm thankful to get to enjoy the ride. 

I'm on instagram and facebook! Follow me @rusticpickns for some behind the scene photos!!